New Venture

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Theme- New Venture.
School to college is certainly a gigantic transition in a student’s life. Such indepth and caterred, that it is only he who realises, experiences, fears, enthralls, rejoices, explores nay metaphores  the TRANSITION. Though, the dusk continues to bright up the same time with similar ever- glooming brightness, one’s departure from home continues to be dot 7:00, but it’s something more than a swap in venue. From a poky school building to a lofty college campus, isn’t the end of this stupendously  beautiful tale. School uniforms to quirky shirt-paints and lot more!           ‘Ah! such a time comes rare’ is a piece straight from the jet of every teenagers’ heart that wishes to dole out its excitement, thrill and fear to the world. The poem revolves around that stage of a teenager’s (particularly, a girl) life, when she is about to sail out on the “new beginning” of her life – from school to college.
She is not able to figure to out the flavour of this ice cream,  she is puzzled, whether its chocolaty brown or giving her a taste of coffee hot and drown!

Here goes the poem…

So many thoughts at once in mind, what ‘ud be me of kind? Still to find!
Time’s precious they say, not a second to spare, Ah! such a time comes rare!
A comma in the journey of life, ‘ud be new bees to give me a five
tounge – in- cheek are my old chickens, Will I ever be able to bake new muffins?

This is not my end,for this is just a full stop to the episode of school girl,
Aftermath, the sequence sounds to be as bright as a pearl.
Loads and loads of ventures to come my way, a little school girl I always will stay.
Brand new lessons to catch on, nay, Will I ever be able to chase the path to leeway?

Fly like a chirrpping bird, meant to explore, Shh! pause and watch, don’t you fall.
School girl to a college chic, make sure, moral and immoral, don’t you dare mix.
Straining at the leash , I am, opening new horizons feels absolutely damn!
‘Party hard’ from the greener side comes calls, hello baby! there’s still something left called ‘boards’.

In the hoard of competition, in the hue of celebration,
chickens that will hatch new,teachers that will teach few,
I felt a quenching requisite to blare,”Ah! such a time comes rare!”


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