I am someone

Skul’s kool!

“I am someone” is a sordid to rejuvenating saga that accounts for all those dimensions of a teenager’s life that he lives in and the people around him fail to visualise the dimensions.This blunder proves to be tough for the “child” and he finds it difficult to manage his life. The poem does not points on me, nor on any of my acquaintances but is a glimpse of every other teenager next door. Composed with an easy-peasy langauge, this will take you in depth DNA of your, your friend’s and your sibling’s head…!!! 🙂

I am someone;

someone you would’nt like to know,

Let me reveal who’s the real me

maybe then you would’nt say so.

My parents tell me that I am of the kind

I get distracted and need to study for the tests which are lined.

My friends tell me that drugs are oh-sou cool!

And if I don’t try them, I am a big fool.

My teachers tell me that I am no great

They ask me to study while other things can wait.

My cousins say: look at you!

When we were your age, we used to study till 2!

What’s happening at the back of my mind,

Is actually I am turning more and more blind.

To the things I don’t wish to see,

To the things that don’t fit inside me.

But who wishes to know, wat’s in my heart,

Give me a break!

Time in and time out it seema everyone’s throwing a dart

School, coaching, pressure and all….

Is this my life?

How can it be sou small?

Thousands of voices are shouting at once in my head.

No one understands…I have got a life. I am not dead.

But in my monotonous routine, there’s a ray of light,

I am a child but I love him truly from day to night.

But this world surrounds me in a cage,

Says you are sou young, love is not for your age.

All I wish to say is…….

Dear parents,

I love you both a lot.

I am not distracted but things are way too much that I got.

Dear friends,

I don’t want drugs to ruin my tomorrow,

I tried them once and I am in great sorrow!

Dear teacher,

I respect your advice.

But I ‘ve already crossed a limit to which a person tries.

Dear cousin,

The time you lived in has undergone a change,

Its every child’s story, I am no strange!

So you see today my dear friend,

My life goes on and on. I wish I could mend.

So that I could have some time for myself too,

Whenever I look into the mirror, I don’t like the view.

Someone, maybe god understands me up there,

I am enjoying my life. This privilege comes to rare!

I wish to be the bird that flies in the sky,

No worries or stress, with no reasons to cry!

This is the way I wanted to show,

Am I still the same in your eyes?

The person you never wanted to know?


8 thoughts on “I am someone

  1. The content is very good bt if u see accorrding to poem`s point of view its not a perfect poem it seems like u r juz keep on saying what u really feel abt yourself….bt the level of english is really very goood nd u r improving alot..:) keep it up!!

    • thankyou frenali for your comments. I need critics like you. BTW, just for the sake of clarification, as mentioned in the synopsis of the poem, the poem does not points on my or any one else’s personal beliefs!! gud day 🙂

      • I wish to be the bird that flies in the sky,
        No worries or stress, with no reasons to cry!
        ….I kinda like your expressions.. keeping audience grow n glued.. Hey..!.. yu gotta long.. a long Way to go..:)Best wishes…:)

    • Thank you Pooja for investing your time in here. Admirers and Critics like you are a boon to every aspiring writer. As far as the length of the content goes, if you can recollect, we had a poem in hindi “jhansi ki rani” that was as long as 11 pages of the text book. So, as far as my knowledge goes, length of a poem least matters (as long as it’s not boring the readers) 🙂 Keep reading and COMMENTING to help me grow ! 🙂

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