Which socks to put on ?

“That is my destination. Ultimate destination. I need to get there. At top of the world.” Seemingly a common notion of any aspiring student. ‘But has my destiny planned something for my destination? How do I get there?’ – Another, a far more common question.

Gone are the times and I suppose, even the liability , when Manoj was said to join his father’s business and on the other hand, Meera was graduated with a degree and finally, handed over to the ‘sasural’ – ultimate destination for most 19th – 20th century girls.This was the train of yester years. Before 12 years, we, along with other 7 billion passengers (new ones added every 3rd second and de modes removed too!) have boarded the flight – “Earth airlines” and   taken off the journey that imbibes 21st century and its advancements. Throughout the journey, we the passengers are required to survive ourselves to have the privilege to continue with the journey or else, the other passengers- the more omnipotent ones will eventually   barge us down the seats or even the plane. Coming back to literal words, “sustainable income” is the deepest frown on the brow of every forehead today! And it all usually begins in grade – 10 or 12 ( little Manoj and Meeras of today, no more stand on the podium of their parents’ wishes, instead, have the courage to look beyond and create their own podium! )

The career choice!!! Few lucky ones linger in absolute confidence to pursue their dream only to come across a misinterpretation of the dream 5 years later. Some others , never find themselves lucky enough  to afford a dream! The poem “Which socks to put on ?” is a short satire penned in oh-so simple words, the account, more specifically , the ‘mental state’ of a “student” who is perplexed when it comes to selecting a rightful cum fruitful career. Some of you (hopefully) might get your mirror image in it – Parents, teachers, peers, neighbours , we keep our senses open for an advice from all 360 degrees only to discover later, ‘I never asked myself ?!?!’

Which career ???

“Pink’s” good but purple’s calling

Which one are you taking?

Butterflies on the “white” one

“Coquelicot” has a burning fun.

Mary had the candy “red apple” flavour.

Hary ended up destitued with “lavender”.

At 18, mom went for “blue sapphire”.

“Rubine red” said dad, has potential to set stage on fire!

What am I supposed to put in?

No one’s decree, but mine!

The day’s not far to choose one from the closet…

Oops! I forgot! All of them I never met !!!

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